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Thursday, August 09, 2018 10:48:57 PM

Hydrologic cycle essays There are four stages that are needed to have a successful hydrologic cycle; they are precipitation, evaporation, run off, and infiltration. Now Mother Nature has very delicately monitored these four stages ever since the earth was created. The delicate balance of water being put into and taken out of the earth maintained a natural hydrological cycle world wide, but since man has inhabited the world, the cycle has changed. At first minor changes to the cycle did not really affect the efficiency of the natural balance, but now with the modern population the earth is drastically changing, along with the delicate water balance. For example in Disney's movie "The Lion King" Moofasa the lion king talked about a circle of Websites & Blogs That Pay Writers $100 per Article & More and how Websites & Blogs That Pay Writers $100 per Article & More one thing is taken out, the whole cycle will change, most times for the worst. This circle of life is also evident in the hydrologic cycle, if humans interfere the consequences can be drastic. The primary stage Websites & Blogs That Pay Writers $100 per Article & More the water cycle Term paper length number of pages! Writers workshop the precipitation stage, this is when the accumulated water droplets know as rainfall, precipitate from the sky in condensed concentrations of water, know as clouds. With the water hitting the ground some of the droplets will instantly absorbed by the earth. The soil would act like a large sponge collecting the water until it is fully saturated. Before humans inhabited the earth had a balanced Eco-system that would naturally balance out the inflow and outflow of water. The excess water would become runoff, then would flow down hills into valleys or lakes creating rivers and lakes. When the rainfall exceeded the rivers capacity (load) there would be a flood. It would be a naturally controlled flood, and the overflow of water would run into the natural flood plain. Unfortunately with human interference in the fluvial process, the rivers have had to change the natural flow patterns, and floodplains have be drastically altered. Humans like to live near bodies of wate.

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