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Haircut essays Short Story Analysis Haircut After reading Ring Lardner’s Haircut, the phrase “what goes around, comes around” definitely comes to mind. Lardner begins the story by actually placing the reader in the barber’s chair. Whitey, a naive barber, begins to tell a series of stories about the people who live in Carterville. The author tells the reader about Jim, a self-centered prankster, who ultimately gets what he deserves. Lardner lets the reader know Whitey Altruism: selfless or selfish? - serendipstudio naive and somewhat gullible when Whitey describes the time Jim played a cruel joke on him. Once, Jim impersonated a woman stating her husband had died and she needed someone to come shave him. This is not only an example of foreshadowing, but is also very ironic. This same type of prank ends up getting Jim killed at the end of the story. It also makes the reader wonder if Whitey had to give him a shave after he died. Throughout the story, the reader becomes more and more aware that Whitey thinks too good of Jim. He thinks of Jim as a fun, “comical” person who people seemed to like. We know this because he says people would give Jim the big chair when he came in on Saturdays. He also states that the me in the poolroom “was Pros and cons of masters thesis - Ingles Naturalmente strong for Jim’s jokes and when he told them to come with him and see some fun they give up their card games and pool games and followed along” (106). Whitey fails to see Jim is, in fact, a cruel, abusive, drunk who many people do not like or Altruism: selfless or selfish? - serendipstudio reader finds out Jim is not only cruel to Whitey but to his wife, Paul, and Julie as well. He is obviously a pathetic husband and father to his children. He gets pleasure from his own family’s pain. Instead of giving his wife Altruism: selfless or selfish? - serendipstudio to support the children, he gets drunk every night. He also gets pleasure by exploiting other people’s disabilities, like Paul’s mental problem. Jim makes fun of Paul and strives to humiliate him in front of others. Another disturbing .

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