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Wednesday, August 08, 2018 7:25:14 AM

The laughing man essays This was one strange story. As we read it I was kept awake, because I was forced to think where he is now. Between the actual story and the story within the short story, I had no clue what the author was. I felt that it was a nice story with a weird streak. I liked the idea of the story within the story and how he handled it. Chief was a strange character who told a story of a psycho as I would put it. The laughing man was an odd man who was obviously fictional, but somehow reminded me of the Chief. I also enjoyed the baseball scene because I always can enjoy a story with a good sport theme of some sort. The scene where nothing could hurt the laughing man, I thought was key. It French Revolution Success or Failure Free Short | Essays an idea of mark twain joan of arc | eBay maybe nothing matters to him and nothing can hurt him. Almost like a feeling Essay writing services-Marketing Homework Help invincibility. When everyone tried to kill the Bad news memo | UKCustomPapers man he would just take it all in and laugh while the gangster fired automatic guns and took their best shot at ending his life. What they failed to notice that all their worthless attempts were indeed futile. Throughout the story the Chief would break into story such as when they were on their way to the baseball field and the chief pulls over out of nowhere and begins telling of another installment of the laughing man. The way that Mary Hudson came into play was interesting because everything that happened with her was transferred into the chief’s real life and when they fought it was transcribed into the story Money Supply :: The Market Oracle as the laughing man crawls and squanders to his death, the kids remember seeing the two fought and watch as Mary, ran home, sobbing. .

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