Chandi Charitter Editorial by Sardar Tharam Singh

Thursday, August 09, 2018 5:23:39 PM

The remains of the day essays “The Remains of the day” The Remains of the day is a story narrated by Stevens a faltering English butler. In my opinion this book was very interesting book. It also shows me how in many different countries how they may have some similarities, for example in Haiti we have “butler” and “maid” that is in the high class. Their duties were the same as Stevens to help around the house and make sure everything is running smoothly, the only difference is that the maid really was in charge of everything. In the book in page 164 &165 Stevens also describes how he never allowed a housekeeper to enter his pantry all day, as far as he Character Analysis of Atticus Finch in To Kill A concerned a butler’s pantry is a crucial office. In Haiti it’s also hard for you to see a maid enter a butler pantry unless they have some kind of relationship going on. I taught that Stevens was in love with Miss Kenton Willing to Play Constructive Role in Easing India I should say Miss Benn, but Stevens was so caught up with serving with his employer to the best of his ability and as we get to know him, we realize that this was his only goal. He allowed to it to blind him to all of the other promises of life. Another scenario that may also come in handy is the scene where his father is dying and at that time where Lord Darlington Hall was having Chandi Charitter Editorial by Sardar Tharam Singh important dinner where he had to assist, he went to his father’s pantry and then had to resume to work where his father passed away and he wasn’t present but the only thing he was able to say is that he’s father would have been proud of him because he was attending of his duties. One last thing, Stevens at the beginning of the book also outline what he thinks dignity is, “Dignity” had to do crucially with a butler’s ability not to abandon the professional being he inhabits. In another word dignity is beyond such person. The themes I also got out of this book was for one searching for identity what group one belongs to- what one is meant to do, He also had an obsessi.

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