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A late encounter with the enemy essays Dealing with Social Change, and its Effect on Reality In the story “A Late Encounter with the Enemy” by Flannery O’Connor, and “ The Death Research Proposal on Yoga | UsefulResearchPapers Justina” by John Cheerer, both authors use vivid memories of events that never occur and fantasies about what life should be to facilitate social changes. Throughout both stories, the writer’s underlying meaning is that life and society are better perceived in the mind’s eye as what each [5b5819] - Celebrations Of The Bible A Messianic Childrens wishes his/her perception to be. This is necessary as reality can be enough to push the mind to create a false world that we all live in together. “ A Late Encounter with the Enemy,” is a story of an aging graduate from college Human resource development - WikiEducator her struggle to show the world that she has made it in a egotistic world that could find no place for dignity, honor and courage. Throughout the lives of “General” George Sash and his granddaughter Sally it is obvious from the beginning that neither of these two characters has a firm grip on what reality is. Sally’s life changed with the changing society at the early age of sixteen. The changes Sally is having to deal with are the slow death of her grandfather and the fact that she is sixty-two and just graduating from college. Things were very different in her time. She has not come to terms with the way things are in the real world. Sally handles the changes in society through stories of the past and relying on the fact that her grandfather was a decorated soldier from previous 1783-1885. She feels that she will be conquering this world by graduating with her grandfather on stage with her ! as if to say, “See him! See him! My kin, all you upstarts! Glorious upright old man standing for the old traditions! Dignity! Honor! Courage! See him!”(O’Connor 399). This would be proof enough for her that the world could not hold down a person who lived with old values. Ironically enough, as we find out, her grandfathe.

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