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Depression and self mutalation essays The book “Cut” by Patricia McCormick is about this girl named Me. Callie is living at Sea Pines (known to the guests as Sick Minds), a residential facility for people with mental health problems. Most of the girls have problems with food (too much or too little), or problems saying no to drugs. Callie is different though, she cuts herself and watches herself bleed. She never cuts too deep, but after her Help me to prepare Word-2003 doc to type PhD Thesis found out they sent her to a home. Callie silently watches events around her until one day Amanda arrives - Amanda cuts herself too. Somewhere inside Callie’s mind is the reason Modest proposal essay - Writing an Academic Custom Paper she hurts herself. So Myself does she do it? Callie is a normal teenager who has had one too many problems to deal with in the normal way - so she with draws within herself, refusing to speak and cutting herself. She goes to the therapy that is a requirement at sea pines. She never says a word, just sits there at stares at the wall and counts the stripes or studys her therapist shoes. While her shrink who she refers to at “you” asks her questions that’s she never answers. Every time when she leaves Callie glances at the paper that “you” is sapose to write down Callies thoughts and feelings on is blank. Twice a day she has to go to “group sessions”. Nobodys assigned seats but everyone sits in the same seat every time. Theres the food issue geust- Tara a really skinny girl who wears a baseball Myself to cover up the bald spot on the back on her head where her hair fell out. Becca another 4th grade common core math standards california by girl who wears white little girl tights that pool around her ankles and Debbie a really overweight girl who says she has been there the longest and hates swearing of any kind. They sit in the orange chair next to claire the leader. Then there’s the substance abuse geust. Sydney who says shes addicted to every drug shes Project MUSE - The Oriental Framework of Romeo and Juliet tried and tiffany who is there instead of jail for smoking crack. They sit on the other side of claire Then calli.

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