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Giant pandas essays Giant Pandas Giant pandas are bear like in shape with striking black and white markings. The giant pandas are hardly giants. It would take about 40 giant pandas to weigh the same as one elephant. Adult giant pandas have a length between160 to 180 cm or 51/4 to5 feet. The weight of the giant panda is between 176 and 276 pounds. Giant pandas have a massive head, heavy body, short black tail, rounded ear, and feet that the heel and toe meet the ground at the same time as they step. The head of the giant panda is very large and has developed molars, Platinum Essay: I need help with my geometry homework are specifically designed to crush plant Slavery Transformed America - Rense. The giant panda has powerful muscles, which extend from the top of its head to the jaws giving it the capacity to crush tough stalks. The eyes have narrow pupils similar to snake eyes. This allows them to see in the dark. Giant pandas are not nocturnal animals, but the narrow pupils allow them to see at night as a large potion of the night is Homework Help Sessions - Texas A&M University eating bamboo. Giant pandas also have a good sense of smell. Giant pandas have paws that are extremely flexible and have enlarged wrists that are used like a thumb. Habitat of the Giant Panda “Giant pandas are only found in dense bamboo and coniferous mountains of central China—They occupy 6 small forest fragments in small isolated areas of the north and central portions of the Sichuan Province, in the mountains bordering the Gansu Province, and in the Qinling Mountains of the Shaanxi Province. The elevation ranges between 1200 to 3400 meters” In general the giant pandas home territory will range from 3.8 to 6.5 square kilometers. FEEDING HABITS OF THE GIANT PANDA “Giant pandas have become almost entirely vegetarians with accompanying change their dental structure and, also, to a lesser degree, their digestive track.” The giant panda mostly eats bamboo but also eats gentians, irises, crocuses, fish, picas, vines, mushrooms, rice grass, and sometimes-smal.

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