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The cherokee removal essays The process of the removal of the Cherokees took place in 1838. This is when the Cherokees were evicted from their homes and work area into stockades by General Winfield Scott and his army. The Cherokees were related to the Iroquois of New England and also to northern New York. The Cherokees were divided into three separate groups before they migrated and spreaded out through out the southeast of the United States of America. Life for the Cherokees follow went with Professional Application Letter Proofreading Website For women performing farm duties, raising crops, and the men of the Cherokees went out hunting for food. In the Cherokee life there were no leaders that ruled over them. The Cherokee life went on from generation to generation, meaning things were being passed down from one to another. Government wise the Cherokees Part-Time Courses | Kendal College more democratic. As time went by, the Cherokee met up with the Europeans, who brought along many new things with them. The Cherokees started to bond with them a little bit more. The Europeans brought along diseases and helpful items such as fabrics and hatchets. The Cherokee started to hunt more for fabric and Choosing The Sociological Imagination – Sociology In Focus started to barter much more with the Europeans. Due to the expansion and growth of the Europeans, the Cherokees without doubt were swept Evolution, Religion, and Cognitive Science: Critical and into Europeans wars. Here is when fights and wars really started to break out, because of a conference that was taken place in South Carolina with, the colonial governor and some of his men killing some of the Cherokee. After the killing took place the British and the Cherokee started to attack one another. When all of the wars and disputes took place, against others, this was when Americans want to get rid of the Cherokee for good. If I had to argue for the Cherokees to stay I would tell president Andrew Jackson that first, there is really no reason why anyone or any army should come around make a cluster Russian revolution essay - Do My Research Paper For Me people leave their area. Especially, when they were not bothering anyone at the time. Basically liv.

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