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Thursday, August 02, 2018 2:03:16 PM

Significant family event essays Perhaps one of the most significant events to happen recently in my family took place about two years ago, when my brother, Zeb, who came out to my mother about being gay. He admitted that he and his best friend Matt were actually lovers, and explained that he wanted my parents to be able to accept that the same way they would accept a heterosexual relationship. For some families, perhaps, this would not have been either particularly pleasant or particularly difficult. However, within the scope of my family it was particularly significant, and almost destroyed my parents marriage. It has taken almost two years for my family to achieve some equilibrium over this event. Zeb's admission impacted everyone in the family. My mother seemed to be most accepting, and was mainly worried about him. Zeb says that she felt a great sense of loss because she wanted him to have a family and to have grandchildren for her. She also seemed convinced that if he was gay he would be lonely his entire life, have trouble in society, and probably get AIDS. She believed that homosexuality was morally wrong, but she said she loved him too much to let it come between them. Nonetheless, she went through a period of deep The Best and the Worst Teachers | Kibin for about six months. This may have been because my father seemed to blame her for Zeb's "decision," saying that she had babied English SPM Essays | Test (Assessment) | Traffic Collision too much. My father reacted very badly. He was angry, and called my brother a "faggot" and many other terrible things. He ordered Zeb out of the house, and only relented on letting him stay there when my mother threatened to leave as well if her son was kicked out. (Zeb was still underage at the time) My father also threatened to call the cops on my brother's lover, though he finally realized there was probably nothing they could do. Because he had such a negative reaction, and lashed out at my mother, this had a bad effect on their marriage. They began to fight constant.

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