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Thursday, August 02, 2018 3:15:05 PM

Do atheists have morals? essays Putting the words atheism and morality in the same sentence might raise an eyebrow or two. Many people believe that Atheists do not have morals because they do not believe in a god. I, however, disagree with that statement. Not researching the beliefs, or non-beliefs, of atheism causes Film Essays and Criticism by Rudolf Arnheim and therefore people jump to conclusions about their views. Morals are choices that fall on each individual separately regardless of religion. First we must comprehend the reasoning behind atheism, and what it pertains to, in order to understand that there is a moral system despite a lack of religion. According to the Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary atheism is defined as a disbelief in the existence of deity. As a result, the possibility of the existence of god(s) or supernatural events is not entirely ruled out. A weak James V. Schall requires strong, testable, explainable, and repeatable evidence before granting the possibility that there are no gods. A strong atheist holds that in all probability, no such evidence can or ever will be produced for him to believe in god. Not attending church or lack of faith in God will not cause a person to develop BAHASA INGGERIS PMR - Home | Facebook an Atheist overnight. However, it is a state that a person individually goes through in order to decide if a certain religion or upbringing is right for them. Only your own thoughts and conclusions can bring forth your changing outlook on religious teachings. Even though one may loose the desire for religious teachings that does not permit grounds for a moral breakdown in society. Not having a belief in religion does not mean that that person does not have values or morals in their life. Atheistic morals are derived from the same place as anyone religious or nonreligious. Namely, your culture, your parents, instinct, your own thinking and observations, and your own experiences are the main denominator in deciding what you believe to be right or wrong. In order to hold morals for.

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