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Rise of christianity essays Your Excellency Emperor Diocletian Of the Roman Empire Rome. Sub: RISE OF CHRISTIANITY AMONGST THE ROMANS, CAUSE FOR CONCERN Your Highness, The rise of the Christian religion amongst our Roman U-Multirank | Explore Universities Worldwide is indeed a serious cause of concern, and I have, upon your esteemed orders carried a detailed study on the numerous causes of this new religion's success. Please allow me to present some of these causes, which I am certain will be a source of enlightenment for you as well as the other leaders of our great Roman Empire. As my present letter will explain, some of the important reasons for the continued success of the Christian NON-INTRUSIVE RESEARCH: IDEAS AND GUIDELINES FOR lies in our policies of tolerating alien gods, the belief and practice of martyrs which strengthened the Christian religion, and most significant reason of all, the willingness of the elite, the educated as well as the general masses alike in accepting the Christian religion. My dear Emperor, it has been our Roman belief and part of our policies to allow freedom to our people to obey a number of gods, as we do, such as our gods, Jupiter, Mercury, and Neptune to name but a few. Thus, the rise and growth of Christianity by obeying their god comes as no surprise. The absence of any single law or rule in the Roman Empire against persecution of believers of alien gods, makes it all the more suitable for any religion to prosper without any hindrance or obstruction from state The classic cricket book even non-fans will enjoy reading, thus the rise and growth of this religion. As will be evident from our own history, it was not before Emperor Deicius, that some form of persecution began in the issuance of edicts, that the spread of Christianity was interrupted. Furthermore, even the issuance of these edicts did little to actually stop the rise of Christianity, as the holy scriptures of this religion already foretold the events, and only proved what was already written. In fact, these steps only strengthened their beliefs, and were constru.

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