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Sunday, July 29, 2018 10:45:04 AM

Now GCSE English and Literature - Star Student then essays Now & Then When I was a little girl thing seemed so much easier. There were no worries. Life went whatever direction I wanted it to. I could run around all day with my brothers, get in trouble, get a whipping, and get back up and get in more trouble within the next 5-minutes. Life was exactly what it was suppose to be. Now that I am 19 and no longer considered a child by on lookers many things are expected of me. What happen to those preschool days that nap time was always required. I really hated them then but would give anything for a nap time now. Life just moves so fast and even a 30-minute rest would be of some service. What happen to being able to talk you teachers out of something when Pop Art coloring pages | Free Printable Pictures just wouldn’t go your way. I do believe if I tried something like that here at the college level that I am on my professors would Harlem renaissance thesis - richner-architektur.ch in my GCSE English and Literature - Star Student really miss those days that I could just run around like a tomb boy and get my hands dirty. If I tried that now I would be looked at like a bum on the street besides being called childish. Here everyone dresses their best on a day to day basis besides those who think its their best but really it looks a mess. I am expected to turn in assignments on time and if not my grade would be severely punished for it. Back in highschool I could go days maybe even two weeks with out turning something in and not even be hurt by something as simple as one point. Here if I turn it in a day late its 10 points. I have never gone more then a week without being in the comfort of my own family. Here my family is the other countless women around me in my Dorm hall. I never had to spray down toilet seats or showers but now I have to be more cautious of my own health, which was a job my parents were in total control over. Now I am a grown woman on charge of my own destiny. If I wanted to make it in life I knew that I had to learn how to do things on my own. Here I am now ready to take on the world. .

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