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Thursday, August 02, 2018 6:41:57 AM

Death penalty, confusing essays DEAD MAN WALKING Death Penalty Makes No Sense By Teresa Brasch For RLST 2115 EL-01 The Development Christine de Pizan - The Free Dictionary Western Morality Dianne Norman Inspired by true events the film, DEAD MAN WALKING, is the story of a spiritual woman who LitCharts | Sign in to your account face the results of a vindictive nation. She is asked by a condemned (to die) man for spiritual counseling. The man in question, Mathew Poncelet has been tried by a justice system, which is accountable to society, for the death of two teenage lovers. In order to save his soul, Sister Helen Prejean, must help Mathew understand the teachings of Jesus. Involved as well are the victims families and their confusion and grief over the death of their children. Overall, it can be said that the situation involves an entire public and culture of which the crime, criminal, victims and results are of long term consequences. As the viewer of the story involving of all of the above, it makes us question the concept of a death penalty. Our feeling for the various people makes us explore within our selves the feelings of hate, sympathy, anger, compassion and helplessness. These feelings effect our emotions, passions, values and most important of LitCharts | Sign in to your account our morals. To put a firm grip on our morals, society has turned to both justice and spirituality, both of which were depicted in this story. We use justice and spirituality to help us understand and classify our reasons for actions. Confusing though is the interpretation of justice and spirituality. We can look at justice first. The justice system is implemented in a society to provide guidelines of right and wrong. At times though, the justice system may become contradictory upon itself. This has to be ratified by philosophers as a necessary evil. So the The Exorcist - An Intense and Psychologically Scary Classic of capital punishment might be to punish the criminal, prevent him from doing any other similar crime and to deter any future criminals. If we look at the justice system .

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