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Book of hebrews essays THE BOOK OF HEBREWS by P. Townsend The author of the Book of Hebrews is one that is unknown although some believe it is another work of Paul since it closely resembles his work. It is believed that the Book of Hebrews was written around A.D. 65, but there is no proof of its use until A.D. 95 when I Clement used it. Hebrews was written to people who faced decisions about their future that could Compare over 50s life insurance | Compare the Market their lives forever. It talks about the decisions one faces when they have to decide on whether to take a risk or stick with the familiar. In the case Essay about Kate Chopin - 872 Words | Major Tests the people of that time, they were faced with the decision of if they should change over to Christianity or stick with the Jewish religion. The Book of Hebrews was designed to push those swaying both ways to a decisive commitment. The author urges his readers to Research proposal report nwu - God in a new and different way. That way is through Jesus. Hebrews focuses on comparing the Jewish religion to that of Christianity by citing passages from the Old Testament more than eighty times. Hebrews seems to be a commentary on the Old Testament. It takes many of the Jewish customs, examines them, and shows how Jesus replaced many of those laws with a better testament. The new covenant is based on the blood of Christ. It shows the readers the importance of sympathy, mutual love, the healthy and moral use of sex within marriage, hospitality, how to avoid false teachings, the acceptance of persecution, generosity, prayer, and thanksgiving. The Book of Hebrews portrays Jesus Christ as a priest. The basic theme of the Book of Hebrews is Jesus Christ is so honorable that he sacrifices himself for sins. The fact that his sacrifice was completely sufficient shows his superiority over Essay about Kate Chopin - 872 Words | Major Tests aspects of the Old Testament. Hebrews tells us more about Christ than any other book. It presents Jesus Christ as a divine person, a priest, that is superior to all. It goes.

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