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Ghost guilty in hamlet essays Good morning ladies and gentleman of the jury, I am here today Download Architectural Thesis Proposal Template for Free bring to your attention ADD TO RESEARCH LIST Essay Harlem Renaissance EMAIL THIS facts in the case of who is guilty in the story Hamlet. The horrific crimes and murders in Hamlet were far too gory to take things lightly, and someone who always couldn’t be seen, would obviously have a better chance to commit and cause these crimes. The “Ghost” was the one to cause these actions and should be held accountable for what he has done. I will prove to you what the truth is and reassure you on what isn’t. Picture this; The Ghost told Hamlet that King Claudius killed his father. This would obviously upset Hamlet enough, but the Ghost couldn’t stop there. He then proceeded to inform Hamlet that he needed to take out revenge on him, but not the wife. These actions by the Ghost stirred the sweet little town and everything erupted. From there, everyone was taking revenge on someone else, hurting people, and “accidentally” killing people. Why all the hatred you ask? It is clearly because of the Ghost coming to Hamlet. Everything would be dandy if the Ghost hadn’t brain washed Hamlet and most people would still be living. My dear jury, I hope that was enough right there to convince you undoubtingly that the Ghost is the one at fault. If you do not meet justice, it will occur again and most definitely be worse. Please make the right decision and Secondary school homework | A secondary homework guide this Ghost up for good! .

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