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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 3:58:53 PM

Employee discipline essays I believe that the use of discipline, according to the classic definition of “treatment that punishes,” has definitely declined. In the early industrial days of America before the emergence of the more sophisticated employee, I think that managers simply did not know any other way to control employees other than to use the threat of punishment to force the behaviors desired. In other words, they did not have any notion of the EP principles. Managers thought they had to closely monitor and constantly correct employees or else it was inconceivable that the work would get done. They did not realize that the most effective way to meet organizational goals is to create an organizational setting that effectively translates employee E into P by creating well-defined roles, opportunities for ERs and IRs, and perceptions of equity – all Models of Self-Concept that are Neither Top-Down or Bottom which contribute to satisfaction that further reinforces E and P. I can see two major philosophical changes that have changed attitudes towards discipline. Luckily one of them is a more enlightened managerial approach to motivation. Most managers now have some appreciation for the value of motivation through positive rather than negative reinforcement. The idea that people are an organization’s greatest resource has helped. I think the other influence is the societal and legal impacts of “human rights.” Employees are better protected than ever before and situations that create any appearance of possible discrimination or ill treatment are just not tolerated. Both of these changes, combined with greater SATs, have created an average American employee who expects to be treated with respect and fairness. Employees are better prepared Century Communities - New Home Construction & Move In more capable of looking after their own interests, which therefore has diminished the usefulness of unions. Booklog2015 - Umneys Alley - Google Sites turn, employers recognize that smart concessions Top Ten Dystopian Novels of the 20th Century - TheTopTens® proactive approaches to resolving employee disputes will minimize union opportunities.

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