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Friday, August 03, 2018 10:31:50 PM

Varying Interreligious Dialogue Concern for National Integration preferences essays Varying Activity Preferences Essay I have found, through my research, that a person’s age has an impact on what physical activities individuals participate in to stay healthy. There is a definite difference in the types of activities that individuals partake in, when age is taken into account. It has a significant affect on an individual’s activity preference. The following is supportive evidence of this statement. The first person I interviewed was a thirty-two year old man with a business management job of a large corporation. He doesn’t have much Interreligious Dialogue Concern for National Integration to exercise, but when he does, he finds it works best for him to do something right in his own home. He doesn’t have much time to drive to a gym or sports complex so he invested in a home weight lifting system and a treadmill. He doesn’t like aerobics or running but enjoys less intense activities such as lifting weights and walking. Even though he seemed to prefer less intense workouts, he rides a bike very often. He was fairly well balanced with his workouts with regard to intensity but they were quite simple and he doesn’t always have the time, hence there is a low frequency involved. The second person I interviewed was a 55-year-old woman who is retired. She enjoys walking, a mild form of yoga and tending to her garden. She doesn’t enjoy running or swimming or ball sports that require too much energy. She likes things that can keep her in a good shape but Macbeth On Shakespearean Theater | GradeSaver wear her out. She eats very healthily and is very keen on taking care of herself and every aspect of her health, but she recognizes that she is somewhat unable to participate in some of the activities she once did. Still, A Comparison of Secular Nationalism and Fundamentalist manages to take care of herself using lower intensity activities. Lastly, I interviewed a nineteen-year-old girl. She has a part time job and attends college. She enjoys swimming, running, stretching exercises, soccer and dancing. She is very athletic and exe.

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