Conversation Analysis in a Literary Context. Jane Austens

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Absenteeism essays ABSENTEEISM Absenteeism is defined as the failure to report to work. It’s annual cost has been estimated at over $40 billion for U.S. organizations and $12 billion for Canadian firms. At the job level, Apa Format Research Papers - one-day absence by a clerical worker can cost a U.S. employer several hundred dollars in reduced efficiency and Pre Written Essays Online | Buy Academic Papers of Best supervisory workload. These figures indicate the importance to an organization of keeping absenteeism low. It’s obviously difficult for an organization to operate smoothly and to attain its objectives if employees fail to report to their jobs. The work flow is disrupted and often important decisions must be delayed. In organizations that rely heavily on assembly-line production, absenteeism can be considerably more than a disruption; it can result in a reduction in the quality of output, and, in some cases, it can bring about a complete shut down of the production facility. Levels of absenteeism above the normal range in any organization have an impact on that organization’s effectiveness and efficiency. Are all absences bad? Probably not. Although most absences have a negative impact on the organization, we can think of situations in which the organization may benefit from an employee voluntarily choosing not to come to work. Illness, fatigue, or excessive stress can significantly decrease an employee’s productivity. In jobs in which an employee needs to be alert, for instance surgeons and pilots, it may be better for the organization if the employee does not report to work rather than show up and perform poorly. The cost of an accident in such jobs could be of magnitude proportions. Even in managerial jobs, where mistakes are on a lesser scale, performance may be improved when Pre Written Essays Online | Buy Academic Papers of Best absent themselves from work rather than make poor decision under stress which could affect the organization badly. This is not saying that absenteeism is good. We can assume that organizations benefit when employee absente.

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