The Negative Influence of Hip Hop Music | Kibin

Friday, July 27, 2018 7:36:23 AM

Todays male essays ys dominated in the workplace. The reason for this unbalanced structure, as James Doyle suggests, seems to have validity when one looks at male's extreme sense Essay on integration of faith and learning competitiveness. "Competition and winning are considered masculine characteristics in our society" (Doyle, 1989:168). However, competition allows for only one winner. This "competitive spirit forces men to think that everything of value and worth in the world is limited or comes in fixed quantities" (Doyle, 1989:169). If men grow up learning that competition and independence (as mentioned earlier) is masculine, then having a job and providing, validates men. Men The Negative Influence of Hip Hop Music | Kibin compete at all costs to provide the best for his family. "Being a good provider stipulates that the more goods a male provides for his family's material well-being, the more successful (that is, masculine) he is" (Doyle, 1989:173). Perhaps males assertion of masculinity through their job is a defense, "a way of insisting on the exclusion of women to protect specific jobs and more general job skills from increased competition (wome.

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