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Willy's tragic flaw essays Willy’s Tragic Flaw Willy Loman, from Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, is an exceptional man. He has a https://www.bartleby/essay/Ethical-Issues-in-Mary job, loves The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas - Sample Essays wife, and supports his family. However, unfortunately for Willy, he has many shortcomings. These include being a liar, expecting too much from people, and choosing the wrong career. Willy really is a loser, in the eyes of everyone he knows. What kind of man do you know who lies to his wife? If every other sentence out of Willy’s mouth isn’t a lie, it’s a surprise. For instance, when Willy talks to Biff in the hotel room, Https://www.bartleby/essay/Ethical-Issues-in-Mary states, “Somebody got in your bathroom!” (119). Willy, being his usual self, lies to him and says, “No, it’s the next room, there’s a party” (119). That is a classic example of a liar, because there really was someone in his bathroom, and Willy knew it. Willy doesn’t really care who he lies to, or what he lies about. While Willy is talking to Linda when he gets home from what was supposed to be a big trip, she asks if Past and Future Life - Essay Samples sold anything”(34). The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas - Sample Essays, being the liar he really is reply, “I did five hundred gross in Providence, and seven hundred gross in Boston”(35). At that point, Linda gets all excited because she thinks that Willy has a huge commission coming to him. But, Willy then dashes her hopes by telling her the truth: “Well, I–I did–about a hundred and eighty gross in Providence. Well, no–it came to–roughly two hundred gross on the whole trip.” (35). That statement by Willy brings down Linda hopes, but Willy doesn’t realize that. Willy doesn’t realize that he hurts everyone he lies to. Another one of Willy’s downfalls is that he expects too much from everyone. Willy always thought that Biff was the greatest kid in the world. He was an excellent football player, with a full scholarship to the University of Virginia. But then Biff went and failed his math class, so he couldn’t graduate. Then Biff found Will.

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