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Bridging the gap essays The conference Law School for Journalist sponsored by the Louisiana State Bar Association, Louisiana Press Association, Louisiana Bar Foundation and Press Club of New Orleans. was held on Friday, June 16, 2000 at the United States District Court Easter Gregory of Louisiana Ceremonial Court room. In an effort to promote harmony and understanding between the media and the law, this session served as an educational platform to present different perspectives and aid judges, lawyers, and journalist in doing Lynn / College Essay - Home / Homepage jobs. The overview of the judicial system and information sources session was excellent whereas it provided an in-depth look at Louisiana and the Federal Judicial system. Judge Lemelle Adding a reference (citation) into a document - Apache about the differences between Louisiana court system and the Federal court system. He spoke with emphasis on understanding the functionalities of the court system. Judge Drew, gave a humorous, but very educational speech on the jurisdictions and mechanics of the court proceedings. He explained the court officials’ authorities and how they operate. Judge Drew defined several court terms and gave examples to clarify understanding. Ms. Atkins discussed the Federal court systems and it’s resources. She talked about access to public information via telephone or Internet. She discussed at length the process of Lynn / College Essay - Home / Homepage and its’ cost. Ms. Atkins spoke on plans for the document system to become electronic therefore facilitating access to court documents. Ms. Whyte expanded on Ms. Atkins discussion by providing information on Public Access to Court Electronic Reports via the Internet through the WEBPACER service. While not fully functional, Lynn / College Essay - Home / Homepage can be used as a resource tool for research. Inundated with a wealth of information, coupled by the effort of the judges and lawyer to help media understanding the court system, I personally left there with a better understanding of the court system. While the information does foster understanding.

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