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Types of war essays Type of War American Revolution: Fought as a Limited War meaning the primary objective was to overthrow Britain’s political system Our Services - urbanprintdundee to be resolved by a treaty. Basically, the wealthy Americans did not want to pay the taxes Great Britain was levying upon them. The political structure did not change very much. The ability to run for office and vote still remained with the wealthy land Essays order of importance | www.lestan-lestan.si War: Originally hoped to be fought as a Limited War, Lincoln came to realize the only way to save the state of the Union was to fight a Total War. A war in which the objective was to conquer and destroy the enemy became the outcome’s objective. You can consider both wars revolutionary and civil in their definition. The Revolutionary War was fought against friends and neighbors based on their allegiance to the King. People that fought side by side in the French and Indian War were now pitted against each The 11 Hottest Persuasive & Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas during the Revolutionary War. The Civil War brought Persuasive Essay: Sport is an Important Part of Life much more change in the political structure than the Revolutionary War. A two party system was put in place, and the 13th, 14th, and post-war the 15th amendments were passed that abolished slavery, granted citizenship to all persons born in America, and gave every male citizen the right to vote and be elected. Slavery Neither war was fought based on the primary focus of slavery. The Constitution, which came about because of the victory in the Revolutionary War, did very little to address slavery other than to consider slaves property and provide cause for a slow emancipation of slaves by exercising a tax on them to begin in 1808. The Civil War only became an issue Useful Links for Writers-English Writing Center-Grossmont concern slavery when Lincoln realized that to win Our Services - urbanprintdundee war and achieve the primary objective of preserving the union was to abolish slavery which in turn would debilitate the South’s ability to support the war. By not having slaves, the South would not have the resources to continue to .

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