Leonardo Da Vincis Painting Techniques through Light and

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Xml and java essays ta what Java has done for programs, which is to make the data both platform-independent and vendor-independent". Why Java? It can be argued that Java is an ideal language to use to create the applications listed above. At the most obvious level, both have been promoted almost Alert Magazine - The Alert Scholarship for use in Web environments. But School of Applied Social Studies - University College Cork features of the Java language make it particularly well suited for working with XML. One feature is support for Unicode. Most commonly used languages still favor use of ASCII to represent strings. This choice, however, makes it difficult to represent the character sets of many non-English languages. Unicode, on the other hand, has some 39,000 characters, and has plenty of room for expansion. Java supports Unicode from the bottom up (WT - Pg. 44). Other features of Java made it very Alert Magazine - The Alert Scholarship to share the code needed to build XML processing applications. The most important of these are packages, dynamic class loading, and Javabeans (WT - Pg. 44). Packages and package naming allow for the sharing of code across the Inte.

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