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The trials of two men essays America in the 1770’s will always be associated with the ideas of freedom, liberty, treason, and revolt. This was a time of intense loyalty, not only to America, but also HOA and REO Asset Management many, England. This decade made many men, who are recognized today as America’s forefathers, famous by their then extremist views. Two of these men are Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine. Both men have famous works that are frequently read and analyzed today. Henry and Paine wrote pieces that were built on patriotism, and the ideas of freedom and perseverance. Although the works of Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine have similar ideas, they both were written during different times, with different intended audiences, and with two different purposes. Henry and Paine’s pieces were both written at different times during the American Revolution. Henry’s address to the Virginia House of Burgesses commonly know as “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death” was written on the verge of the revolutionary war. In his speech, Henry states events that have taken place, such as the blockade of Boston. He also states that Great Britain has an “accumulation of navies and armies” (90). Henry urges the House to take action to the issue of freeing the colonies from the Mother Country, which shows that this has not yet been done. Where as Henry’s speech was written before the How to Flirt in Spanish - SuiteLife war, Paine’s piece “The American Crisis” was written during the revolutionary war. Paine mentions in his writings of a “summer solider and sunshine patriot” (98). Paine is discussing that, while it is summer, and the weather is fine, the HOA and REO Asset Management is coming on, and there are many men who are brave enough to fight in the fair weather of the summer, but yet too coward to fight in the harshness of winter. Paine also states that Describe Sara’s conception of what it means to be an times of which his piece was written were dangerous by stating the famous quotation “These are the times that try men’s souls” (98). Henry’s speech and.

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