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Monday, August 13, 2018 10:15:38 AM

Pessimist essays The Pessimist and The Optimist Though man has created much turmoil and enacted many atrocities throughout the ages, there is still an innate goodness that can be seen in everyday life. In the quote by Robert Oppenheimer shows his pessimistic view of life, due to the atrocity he created. With the events Definition Compare And Contrast Apple Orange Visualize the present day it is easy for people to be very pessimistic, yet man has learned to correct himself, and bring optimism back into mind. The optimist can see that there is good in this world, which balances out the tragedy. The world today has a great moral center. We employee eternal optimists to help heal the wounds man has Definition Compare And Contrast Apple Orange Visualize, such as the United Nations and the peace keepers. With the events of September eleventh we can see the good in the world through all the volunteers, and donations to the victims families. When we see starving children on television our optimistic side compels us to donate, instead of questioning the help that our money will do. A Man for All Seasons Term Paper - Cyber Essays the Americans dropped the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, it killed hundreds of thousands of innocent bystanders. This event brought outrage through out the world. The Americans and the rest of the world then reacted by placing limits and signing drama disturbing stories Essay - 1721 Words | Major Tests to control the usage of weapons of mass destruction. The Romans are a great example of the flaws of mankind they lacked morals and that is why there empire collapsed, but the modern world has many standards and morals. Even with the occurrence of devastating events, the world is still the best possible place, and has a multitude of good within it. Robert Oppenheimer would likely be a pessimist, because he was partially responsible for a weapon of mass destruction. When Openheimer created the Atom Bomb the president came to congratulate him, but Oppenheimer refused to shake his hand Man about Europe - connection.ebscohost he said, “it is covered in blood.” He was not proud of his accomplishment, because he would be known as the father of the A-bomb.

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