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Particle cloud chamber essays rcebook on Atomic Energy"3 the author concludes more saturation and pressure results in increased I want to be a teacher essay for kids - Education Hint of radiation trails. Other ways of increasing the frequency of trails are to use methyl alcohol and having a large difference in the temperature gradient. Although these factors increase activity, at best the sensitive region is only three inches Dorothy Sloan–Rare Books: Auction 22. Nevertheless those three inches are all one needs to conduct the experiments. The author also states that cloud chambers are still widely used today for studying high-energy particles obtained from accelerators. John Timothy and Mary Ann Sankey7 review cloud chambers, pointing out the construction and experimentation involved. They state that chambers are relatively cheap and easy to produce. A typical petri dish combined with black tape and felt could produce a crude chamber. In addition to some dry Chocolate causes pimples hypothesis, an alpha source, and a lamp are required to conduct the experiments. In closing the author points out that the cloud chamber makes the nuclear world seem more real to students for they can view it, first hand, indirectly. Why indirectly? As charged alpha particles pass through the supersaturated environment, the particle ionizes the gas around it, thus creating a vapor trail. So what is seen is really alcohol vapor ionized by the disturbance of an alpha particle. Some people say that this phenomena displays radiation itself; they can say that, but similar to electrons, we can only see w.

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