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Mark twain4 essays was the best road to take for a career. Mark Sleep Disorders Essay Insomnia Drugs List Kids And Insomnia was determined to become a steamboat pilot, and he would not return home until he had achieved this. He day-dreamed as a child and an adolescent about being a great pilot. Horace Bixby gave Samuel Clemens the name Mark Twain because it meant a depth of twelve feet. Twain wanted to navigate the Mississippi River. He paid Horace Bixby five hundred dollars to teach him how to achieve this (Bloom 155). Not only did Mark Twain have the ability to make others laugh, but he expressed his thoughts about life and his traumatizing realizations of the past through humor in his works. Twain’s style of humor has traveled throughout the world over the years. His broad but subtle humor was tremendously popular (165). Life on the Mississippi is more than just a book about life on Mansion Global - Find Luxury Homes and Mansions for Sale river. It is also reflections on Twain’s life. This book is a true experience of Mark Twain’s traumatizing childhood. It was also a book that was referred to as his “steamboat book.” Life on the Mississippi combines an autobiographical account of Twa.

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