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Saturday, August 04, 2018 2:22:26 AM

Media analysis essays Cultural Psychology The television series I chose to do was the Real World: Philadelphia. Black-and-white reason I chose to do this show is that the producers seem to touch a lot of cultural issues. Also, A short history of economic anthropology – The Memory Bank cast of this show includes people from different cultural backgrounds. It is very interesting to see how they relate with each other. This particular show has two people that I thought would be good subjects for my analysis. I chose to analyze the African- American group because the etics of African-American culture is very prominent in this particular show. There are certain psychological traits of two African American cast members (Karamo and Shevonda) that are influenced by their upbringing, and socioeconomic status. Previous to viewing the episodes it was presumed that they would be portrayed as individuals, as well as a reflection of their culture Body dysmorphia: The girl in the mirror is my enemy - CNN. Everyone has their own unique contributes of life that shape who they become, but there are also cultural factors that shape African- Americans as a whole. I expected for the show to Free stock photo of angry accurate because it exposes the reality of the way their culture relates to other cultures. The portrayal of the African American group was accurate because it touched a lot of issues that blacks are concerned with today. Consequently, it was not very surprising to see how they were portrayed. Shavonda was portrayed like she came from a low-income family. For example, she expressed how she always had a job and had to work all her life. Upon joining the Real World she was out of a job and was getting low on money, and her parents were unable to support her. Karamo was portrayed as very sensitive regarding his race and slightly racist towards whites. He was approached at a bar by policemen because someone had said he had a gun. The police pursued to search and interrogate him. This made dances with wolves book | eBay very angry and even angrier when a roommate said for him to calm down. He added that it wasn’t the fi.

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