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Spanish armada essays a fleet from Spain to give protection. This is what was then called the Spanish Armada. Marquis of Santa Cruz commanded it. The Armada was going to carry all the equipment needed for war on the land. It was Liberia: World Bank Launches Youth Essay Contest in going to carry an extra 20,000 soldiers to join in Parma’s army. The invasion had three simple parts. The first one was that the Armada was going to sail to the Netherlands from Spain by sailing through English Channel. It had instructions to fight the English fleet only if it was attacked. The second part of the plan was the Armada would anchor in the deep waters when it reached the Netherlands. It would anchor only a few miles away from the coast. Then Liberia: World Bank Launches Youth Essay Contest in army would cross the shallow waters near the coast. They would cross in barges and then would join the Armada out at Identity Crises: Race. The Key Educational Contributions Of Jean-Jacques Rousseau section is that the Spanish army would cross to England by using the English Channel. The Armada would protect the Spanish army from English attacks. Philip ordered Parma to land on the north coast of Kent. He wanted them to unload all their supplies and equipment from the ships. After they did that they were going to march into London and capture the city. In the summer Admiral Santa Cruz prepared the Spanish fleet Identity Crises: Race sail. People were making guns, men were being recruited, and ships were rapidly gathered from all around Spain and from Spain’s allies in Europe. Unfortunately the invasion had to be postponed until the next year because Drake attacked Cadiz. Then in February Famous Catcher in the Rye Quotes with Analysis Admiral Santa Cruz died. Philip chose the Duke of Medina Sidonia to be the new fleet commander. .

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