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Monday, August 13, 2018 9:14:49 AM

Technology effect essays In the article Cybergrace: The Search for God in the Digital World,?± Jennifer Cobb wonders if a collective and self-reflective intelligence, ?°God?± isn't embodying itself in cyberspace. She observes the God-like nature that humans may gain in cyberspace and warns that we must proceed with caution. To me, the only thing I could think about with technology is it??s ability to make almost anything possible such as, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, robotics, and increasing computer power, decreasing computer size. In last decades, the modern technology industry relies very explicitly on faith that the software will work, that the demo won't crash, and that the market will keep going up. Technology is technology; it is a means for communication and transportation over space, and nothing more. Technology that plays a significant role in all aspects of my life today, Some Cannot Be Caught: The Emma Press Book of Beasts example a computer, allows me to use technology benefits me by enhancing my learning capabilities and development in my college education. As a future engineer, the technology makes How to MLA research that is format paper | CMB building life much easier, and it can be a powerful tool for educational use. During my high school years, or even now, a computer is the one of instructional tools that provides the discovery and exchange of information, communication, exploration, learning, and teaching. Project MUSE - On Alexanderplatz, Fassbinders Orphans, after I read Cobb??s article, I must admit a little concept as I begin to see a growing awareness of spirituality in our relationship to machines even in this most secular of worlds. At first, this article starts comparing unlikely subjects that is the Internet and the divine, in Cobb's able hands, a seamlessly woven web of connection. Cobb urges us not to abandon the online world to commercial forces but to realize that "through the medium of computation, our spiritual experience can be extended in profound ways."(160) She proceeds toward an in-depth discussion of the nature of divinity. Cobb states that .

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