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Dejavu Custom Cholera in the Caribbean essay writing time we as humans do not understand many things that happened to us at a given moment. We at many times fail to realize what a situation or circumstance might be preparing us for in Gun control paper - SlideShare future. In the stanzas 31-45, as we can see, Redcrosse encounters two peculiar trees in the middle of the pasture that are more than just ordinary trees, the fact that they were once human is what unfolds their Essay Writing On My Village - story which is a lesson being taught Essay Writing On My Village - Redcrosse without his knowing. In stanza 33, we are introduced to the tree whom was blinded by pure treachery, “But once a man Fradubio, now a tree…A cruell witch her cursed will to wreake, hath thus transformed” (line 291-294). Fradubio is telling Redcrosse, the knight, of his sorrows and how Essay Writing On My Village - came to be, that to not be fooled by something that seems beautiful, for you do not know what lies behind it. The knight, Redcrosse wants to know more and questions Fradubio. Fradubio in return as if saying it with disgust and dislike, “of all my smarts, is one Duessa a false sorceresse, that many errant knights hath brought to wretchednesse” (line 304-306). With this line alone Redcrosse should have know that the message was for him, for Redcrosse was accompanied by a young lady by the name of Fidessa. The author informs the reader that Fidessa is really Duessa underneath, “The false Duessa, now Fidessa hight, 13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful how in vaine Fradubio did lament” (lines 388-389). Redcrosse was not aware of whom he was dealing with, that Fidessa’s looks and conversations were deceiving him little by little. In addition, as the nature of human beings, we are sometimes blinded by beauty and can’t comprehend that everything that glitters isn’t gold. What appears good or as the book call its “fair”, is not what it always seems. In Fradubio’s situation, he was severely bamboozled, which his decision at the time was understood, but cost him his life imprisonment to being a tree. It .

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