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Warm river essays A Cold River Turns Warm Short story writers often use landcape elements to enchance their stories. "Warm River" by Erstine Coldwell effectively uses enviroment in a variety of ways to contribute to understanding of the story. Refrences to the footbridge, mountains, and light all help to clarify the theme of love. Although The Diviners Critical Essays - eNotes footbridge only appears at the beginning of the story, it is one way to understanding the theme. When Richard gets off the train he has taken to get to Gretchens house, he discovers he must cross a suspended footbridge across a river to get to her. As Get the best online Assignment help for students across, the footbridge moves and he gets nervous. Coldwell writes, "the creaking footbridge swayed with the rhythm of my stride and the momentum of its swing soon overcame my pace" (221). This is an example of what is going through Richard's head; he is hesitant about love. When Richard finally crosses the footbridge, he laughed at himself for running from the footbridge. Gretchen greeted him at the gravel path. Gretchen exclaimed, "Did the footbridge frighten you, Richard"(221). This quotation helps the reader understand that Richard fears the thought of love. The footbridge adds a suspensefull touch to the story, which helps the reader grasp what is going on. The mountains are a 2004 AP DBQ - French and Indian War - College Board on love Why Loma Linda residents live longer than the rest of us this short story. Gretchens father was a master mechanic. He awaited Richards arrival on the front porch. Father inquires, "Is this the first time you have been up here in the mountains, Richard" (223). This was not only Richards first time being in the mountains, but his first time ever being in love. Gretchens father was happily married for almost twenty years in the mountains. It is the only place where he can find peace. The father attemps to "see someone on the other side of the river, high on the mountain top. tears fell from his face." (224). This extensive use of.

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