Essay on How Does Dehumanization Exist Today? - 321 Words

Wednesday, August 08, 2018 5:51:36 PM

Duty and philosophy essays "Duty and Philosophy" If philosophy itself is a method of understanding, then there must first be something present for it to understand, and Kant identifies this something as the moral law. It is this purity that Kant acknowledges to exist without first needing to be perceived (which would therefore rely on that perception to validate it), and rightly claims as the absolute. He further argues that since this true and pure is omnipresent, then it is humanity's duty to hold itself to it, no matter how the inclination or desire to reason away from, or to ignore it, may tempt us. Kant then concludes that since it is this moral law that all beings are based, it is thusly imperative for the collective method, which we so direly depend upon to interpret and utilize the universe, should at its roots solely rely upon that knowledge given to us innately, and not upon empirical and anthropological grounds. Kant identifies this moral law by recognizing the innate sense of duty bestowed upon every being. "That there must be such a [pure] philosophy is evident from the common idea of duty and of moral laws. Everyone must admit that if a law is History - The Evolution of the Conservation Movement be morally History - The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, i.e., is to be valid as a ground of obligation, then it must carry with it absolute necessity." If a being has this idea of duty, of the need to fulfill, it is obvious that it should and must live in accordance 1850 that obligation at every moment and in every way. The concept of survival in the animal kingdom supports this idea well. If we examine an animal and Homework Projects – St.Marys CE Primary School daily activities, such as hunting for food, protecting its territory, and mating among others, we observe a duty in that animal to stay alive, to see another day. Survival isn't easy; survival is tough, pain-staking work, every day after day. If the animal didn't feel an innate duty to remain alive, it would surely nestle itself in the shade beneath a tr! ee, until death crept itself upon it. We all agree that our.

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