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Tuesday, July 31, 2018 9:45:05 AM

All quiet ont he western front essays All Quiet on the Western Front Essay No man should ever have to experience the things that one does during the time of war. War is hell. A hell with such a dark About The Sun - The Sun Magazine deep bottom that very few can make the climb back out and go on living like civilized people. All men are changed, never for the better. The bloodlust of such primitive chamlattfalegpay | that they would allow themselves to come down to the killing of another human being. War is senseless and no one truly wins. The concept of war is a primitive and brainless one. With strategies such as trying to maneuver behind people in order to have a better chance of killing them is ludicrous. The whole concept of war started with the laziness and cowardice of leaders. When the first tribal leader sent someone else to fight for a cause on his behalf, humanity took a dramatic step downward on the road to lunacy. I am a firm believer in the teachings of Rousseau and of Henry David Thoreau and their concepts of transcendentalism. The concept behind this is that the human being is essentially good, How to Avoid an Admission Essay Disaster - SuperCollege it is the shackles Outline Help - bookwormlab the society around them that binds them to evil. Therefore, in order for a human being to be able to kill another, there must be some outside influence. Government has stepped up into this role. All wars have started and ended at the will of the government of the fighting entities. Unfortunately, there are always those who feel such strong patriotism that they are ready, willing, and able to go into battle and die for their country. For those that don’t do it willingly, the government has been able to step in and threateningly force them into defense. As you are continually taught that you have no choice but to kill or be killed, your natural human emotions are gradually worn away until the very primitive urge of survival overpowers everything. Any type of activity or thing that can wear you away to that point of your life where you are just fighting for yo.

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