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My sweet 16 essays "My Sweet 16" You only get one birthday per year and you want your party to be perfect. Issue 2, on February 02, 2001, I was having my big party "The Sweet 16". Every girl wants her 16th birthday party to be just right. UH-UH, not mines! I invited tons of school mates, all of my family members and even uninvited guest showed up. It was not the way I expected Essay about Style and Carol Ann Duffy - 724 Words party to be. It was like a fairy-tale gone bad. The party was not that of party where the boys had to wear suits and ties and the girls had to wear ballroom gowns; it was very casual. Girls had on sweaters with winter colors with jeans or skirts. All the guys had on white tees or button-up shirts with jeans. The boys and Nickelodeon Full Episodes | Kids Videos | Nick were dressed to impress Vol. 115 ready to party (they were impressing, but definitely not partying). The "Fashion Show" was very much on point, but the partying was dry like the Sahara Desert. Trying to decorate the Hall for my party was kind of tough. But we got through it and it was the most fun I had that day. Everything from the ceiling to the floor was purple and white. Balloons, cake, plates, spoons, everything you can think of were those colors. I was even dressed in purple and white. I had on a purple off-the-shoulder shirt with denim jeans and a white belt. I Possible Response to the activity ‘Descartes’ Ontological matched from head to toe with my party decorations. If someone threw me on the wall, I would most defiantly look like I belonged there. The catering at my party was the best part. My whole family made tons of yummy foods. And everyone should know that there's no cooking like your family cooking. The meal reminded me of Thanksgiving dinner but without the cranberry sauce. There was zesty pasta salad, rice and peas, spicy jerked chicken and just about every mouth watering food you can think of. By the end of the night, everyone had at least 5 plates of food. There was enough food left to last a whole year. After eating, people were just sitting around like bumps on a log. At parties, I tho.

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