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Monday, August 13, 2018 7:49:20 PM

Australia ww1, ESSAY ON HOSTEL LIFE – surkarinaukari essays With reference to World War 1 and World War 2, evaluate the extent to which they have been important in shaping Australian society. Australian society before the "Great War" was a mixed society, consisting of mainly Anglo Saxon and Aboriginal decent. It was mainly made up of primary production and it was very basic, but hard living. There was a strong belief in social and political democracy. Australia was seen as a land, where ESSAY ON HOSTEL LIFE – surkarinaukari work and equal opportunity could overcome class distributions and enable the individual to gain a rightful place in society. There were many people who struggled to survive in the coutry and some had to move into the cities, but because hard labour was valued, most decided to stay. Australian women weren't the Quantitative Methods: An Introduction for Business dress and dance party type. They worked hard and often were exploited. Due to this egalitaraianisam there were fewer social classes and barriers which meant that the aristocrats were unpopular. Australia was still very loyal to Britain and saw her as the "Mother Country" which needed help. In 1914 Andrew Fisher announced that Australia would support Britain to "the last man and the last shilling." Ten days later the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) was formed and basically consisted of volunteers under the command of the British commanders. The Australians fought in The Pacific, the Middle East and the Western Front. Australia entered WW1 as a united nation and left, a divided nation, Australia entered WW2 a divided nation and left united nation. WW1 plays a big role in shaping the Australian image both at home and aboard. Both WW1 and WW2 effected the shaping of Australian society so much so that it made us the coutry that we are today. The "Great War", almost bound to happend caused australia great casualties.

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