How Lack of Motivation is Killing Your Company | Talent

Monday, August 06, 2018 1:31:09 PM

Charlie and the choc factory essays rsion. The reason for Slugsworth’s role is to bestow a bribe to the children. The bribe involves betraying Willy Wonka’s trust by handing over the “Everlasting Gobstopper” to Slugsworth. This bribe is added to the screenplay in order to strengthen Charlie’s honorable character. Charlie does not reveal Wonka’s innovative candy even though Willy Wonka does not keep his promise of the endless supply of candy. How Lack of Motivation is Killing Your Company | Talent the novel, Charlie wins Mr. Wonka’s reward simply by being the last child to remain. However, in the movie version, Charlie has to pass Willy Wonka’s test Genetics – Essay Writers Hub integrity in order to receive his reward for the ownership of his factory. The film writers attempted to enhance Charlie’s characterization further by depicting him with a somewhat naughty side. Charlie demonstrates his disobedience when he takes a sip from the prohibited “Fizzy Lifting Drinks” with Grandpa Joe. By giving Charlie some flaws, the director wanted to make Charlie a .

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