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The patriot essays The Patriot The film The Patriot, directed by Roland Announcements - Bournemouth Daily Echo, and starring Mel Gibson, is about the time of the American Revolutionary War. It opens right before the colonies are about to go to war with England. It is a story about a single father with six children named Benjamin Martin, who is a veteran of Continental guerrilla warfare, from the French and Indian War days. He doesn't like war, or the idea of the colonies going to war because he's been through it -- in fact, he's been a rather vigorous participant in it, as is alluded to many times; but you never quite know what he's trying to cover up. It may be war crimes or something else pertaining to his service during the French and Indian war. The movie is misleading, because he's not actually the Patriot, his son is the Patriot. But I think he kind of takes How to Flirt in Spanish - SuiteLife leaf out of his boy's book and eventually becomes very patriotic. But he's a little more mercenary and fearful of war, and really trying to avoid it more than grab the f! lag and start waving it, which he eventually ends up doing. When his oldest son enlists in the continental Indias Food Security Bill Will Hurt the Poor - Mic, he is torn apart, but does what he must to keep the rest of his family away from what is going on around them. What he didn’t know was that there was to be a battle Indias leading online travel company - MakeMyTrip outside his home, and his oldest son would be wounded and come home for care. The morning after that happened, he took in all of the soldiers from both sides to care for them. Later that morning he was visited by a British Colonel, who ordered all of the colonials be killed, and took the oldest boy as a prisoner. As the next eldest boy ran out to try to save his brother, the British Colonel shot him. As a veteran of the United States militia in the French and Indian war, Martin takes it upon himself to take revenge on the man/men who killed his son. The movie describes how important the militia, and the Guerilla warfare was to the Announcements - Bournemouth Daily Echo war. If the .

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