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Puritanism essays During the hostile times in the 16th to 18th century, there A Comparison of Secular Nationalism and Fundamentalist many different religious differences in the Roman Catholics and groups of followers of each sects. “Most major religious movement reflects significant shift in Major Essay beliefs and produced important social changes.” There had been many different callings and actions occurred among the 17th century Puritans and changes over time occurred and later caused the First Great Awakening. The Puritanism faith came in an upheaval and moved away from the Church of England. In the Great Awakening, after decades of religious downfall, this caused a new era of religious revival which had many outlasting changes. Both the Puritanism and the Great awakening had different religious outlooks, and also both caused religious and social changes that left a leading impact in the world that are still around today. During the 17th century, Puritanism started after religious differences and thoughts differed among the people. In England, there was a problem of separation of religion and state, which were incorporated together. Church leaders such as priest where brought and put as leaders of communities, and as government officials. Apart of the Roman Catholic belief Lean On Me - Keiko Lynn that there were certain people who where the “elect” as going to heaven and some were of pre-damnation or going to hell, and they were somehow elected to be the leaders of the communities because they are the purest around. Apart from that, a German man named of Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation of which he was not agreeing with the ways of the church and state as being one. The puritan faith spread first to the lower class of farmers and provided spiritual comfort to the economically disadvantaged. The Puritans believed that Lean On Me - Keiko Lynn “visible saints” should be admitted to the church membership. The ways .

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