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The saint against racism essays Katharine Drexel was the second child born of Francis Anthony and Hannah Jane Drexel, on November 26, 1858. A month after Katharine’s birth, Hanna passed away, and for the next two years, Katharine and her older sister were taken care of by their aunt and uncle. After the time of two years had gone by, Francis had remarried to Emma AP World History - La Salle College High School, and the couple had a child. All three of Francis’ children were raised in a home full of faith and love. The girls grew up teaching at a Sunday school that Emma had opened for the children of employees of their estate as well as their neighbors. They also spent a few days a week giving service to the poor. When Katharine was twenty-one, Emma became ill with cancer, and for three years Katharine nursed her. It was in this time she began to realize God might be calling her to a religious life. When Emma died, Katharine wrote to her spiritual director, Reverend James O’Conner, who in turn advised her to, “Think, pray, and wait.” About three years later, Katharine’s father passed away, leaving his daughters as the beneficiaries of his estate and fortune. The Drexel sisters did not use the Topic: Thesis Statement Builder For Informative Essay for themselves; instead, a greater portion of it was used to support their charity and missionary efforts. Throughout her lifetime, Katharine had done much traveling, and had seen the lives of Native Americans, and had become astutely aware of the injustice of their suffering. She visited many reservations, taking into account the needs of the people, supplying them with Topic: Thesis Statement Builder For Informative Essay, food, clothing, and salaries for teachers. Katharine was particularly interested in making sure that all were provided with an education. She was also becoming more aware of how the Blacks in the South and East were suffering, and did not hesitate to give them the same charities she had offered the Native Americans. By now, Katharine’s call to the religious life was stronger than ever. She desired to .

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