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The election of 1956 essays The Vayeshev: A Settlers Chanukah - Israel National News of 1956, 48 states were in the union at that time and Dwight Eisenhower was president. Even though Eisenhower had not made and major changes during his first term he Sex Education As Intervention Against Teenage Pregnancy still the publics for choice for the next election. In a poll taken in 1954, 65% of Americans had approved of the job he was doing. Some critics reflected his as lazy. Saying he rather be golfing, one of his own speech writers once described his as an “oaf”. But never the less he was unanimously nominated for the Republican ticket in 1956 Statue Of Liberty Free Worksheets For Kids - Pilo Arts with Richard Nixon for vice president, who won with 457 electoral culture and 57.6% of the popular vote. For the Democrats Adlai E. Stevensons was anomously nominated and excepted the nomination. This campaign was won of the calmest in American history, for the same candidates ran in the election of 1952. Not many people thought the democrats even had a chance against Eisenhower. at a picnic at Eisenhowers’ farm in Gettysburg, where he officially began his campaign, He addressed the leaders attending on the top two issues: his health and Richard Nixons place on the ticket. He assured them he felt fine. And Richard Nixon assured them he would be able to fulfill the duties of president.Dwight Eisenhower was one of the most popular American leaders. British General Bernard C. Montgomery, who had fought in the war with Eisenhower is quoted saying “He merely had to smile at you and you trusted in him at once”. As a great World War II General people saw him as a sign of hope for peace in the post war era. He was elected in to office in 1952 by and overwhelming margin and an even greater one in 1956. In the 1956 election people were sure he would be re-elected, but they were not sure if he would accept the Republican parties nomination. Eisenhower suffers some medical difficulties, but always came back to tell .

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