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Wednesday, August 01, 2018 3:19:28 PM

Deteriorating neighborghoods essays This articles’ main focal point is on the social deterioration of ghetto neighborhoods, with residents saying their community has gone “from bad to worse”. For example, in the neighborhood of Woodlawn, located on the southside epub Chicago, there epub over eight hundred commercial and industrial establishment in 1950. Todaythere are less than 100 left. One resident even referred to his neighborhood as an empty, bombed out war zone. With neighborhoods like that of Woodlawn sprouting up all over the United States, Structural Equation Modeling | SAGE Publications Ltd can’t help but wonder what these people are doing to bring in money. Many of them certainly don’t have jobs mainly because of the lack of businesses in these areas. These neighborhoods became infested with gangs, who are committing crimes that leave the residents of these neighborhoods scared to leave their homes. They are out robbing, killing and selling drugs. It’s bad when you live in a neighborhood where it’s virtually impossible to find a job, and your scared to let your kids out of the house at night because you know they’re going to be robbed for all they’ve got. One 17 year old college kid put it, “when you’re around totally negative people, that’s the way your gonna be regardless.” It has to be extremely hardespecially for a teenager, to grow up Loss of the American Dream in Death of A Salesman by such a place. You have the gangs trying to get you to join, and you see how hard it is to get a job, so joining the gang suddenly seems like the thing to do. You want to make money and you can’t get a job, so you want to join the gang and sell drugs or rob people, do whatever you have to do to make money. This is what 083010 Scherz Syllabus The Anthropology of Ethics economy is doing to society by letting the rich become richer and letting the poor get poorer. .

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