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The questions and answers of homer essays rmula to recreate the poem every time. This made the job quite a bit easier. There is a great deal of controversy over Homer and the Homeric epics. The main argument is whether Homer was the actual author, or if Homer really existed. Spanish essay phrases a level - Мой блог theory clearly states that Homer was a collection of Poets, most modern theory dismisses any Free Essays on Compare And Contrast The Red Badge Of that the epics were written by a single author. Now, a first century Roman author claimed that the Panathenaic Festival was called together to create the Homeric Poems. This directly supports this theory (Beye). Furthermore, Giambattista Vico, an early 1700s philosopher, agreed that the poems indeed were the product of several poets. In addition, a group of German scholars found inconsistencies in the style, plot and dialect, which furthers the theory that there was more than one author. Also, one theory states that a “ur-Homer” wrote shorter versions of both poems, then later on they were lengthened by other performers. Finally, a book by F.A. Wolf, Prolegomena, talks about how a group of bards could have put toge! ther the poems, then later, the Alexandrian scholars reedited it. Those are some of the theories about Homer (Whitelaw). The other side of the theory, of course, states that there was a single person called Homer who created the Iliad and the Odyssey. To begin with, Jay Tolson was quoted saying, “There’s such a great moral genius behind these poems, I can’t believe there was more than one.” Furthermore, Robert Fagles, who is the greatest living translator of Homer’s works, said, “As a translator, I come out more and more convinced that Homer’s poems are not the work of committees. In addition, the Renaissance humanists, who rediscovered the Greek heritage, never doubted that Homer was the author. Next, the Alexadrian scholar-librarians also believed that Homer was the sole author (Whitelaw). Last of all, the organization of the epics, the way that the parts were.

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