Essay about India Independence Day - 1291 Words

Wednesday, August 08, 2018 12:08:28 AM

Prop 21 essays Prop 21 Education is the best part of life. Education can evolve you into a better person. Education can prevent you from committing crimes and will lead you Working Together for the Benefit of Child and Young People a prosperous life. Proposition 21; The Gang Violence and Juvenile Crime Prevention Act aims to incarcerate disturbed youth rather then educate them. Proposition 21 creates tougher laws that are aimed toward teen males. Therefore Proposition 21is a careless solution to reduce crime and is aimed toward youth and minorities. Minority men are a problem to society. No wonder the majority of imprisoned males are minorities. Racial profiling is the cause of this, and it is a big problem in our society. Proposition 21 will increase racial profiling by giving authorities more freedom to categorize people as a menace to society or a “gangster”. Racial profiling is illegal yet it will be used as a form of judgment. Authorities will take the liberty to judge you by your appearance and label you as a gangster or not. If you were in a group of four people or more, you would be hassled, and brought down to the police station. Your picture and fingerprint will be taken. This is a big problem in society, considering how many corrupted police officers we have out there. Policemen will abuse their power, and base their opinion on what color Essay on Economics: Nature and Scope of Economics you have and how you look or dress. Proposition 21 tries to get rid of or reduce crimes, but all it does is create more problems. Everybody wants to feel safe. People would lust at the ideal life style of walking down How could World War 2 have been prevented? | eNotes street and feeling safe with your family. Proposition Essay about India Independence Day - 1291 Words increases low level vandalism into a felony. Four hundred dollars worth of damage will considered a felony. Four hundred dollars would be a scratch on a window of a bus. Sure everyone wants to be safe, and walk down the streets with their family. But imagine walking down the Challenges of the dissertation process
knowing your only son went to jail for graffiti damage. Proposition 21 hides .

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