A Brief Guide to Writing from Readings (Subscription), 7th

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 10:02:54 AM

Modern media, and parents responsibilities to children essays “The lack of naivety in modern children is due to the parents shrinking from their responsibilities to protect the rights of the children to be children, and the insensitivity of the modern media.” Parents in modern days are often far more lenient and irresponsible when it comes to what their children are allowed to do. There is so little control over the media, and with the advent of the Internet, children can access anything, anytime they wish to. The blame cannot, of course, be laid wholly on the parents. Many simply don’t know what goes on when their backs are turned. But, is ignorance truly an excuse? As parents, ought to make Christine de Pizan - The Free Dictionary an effort to understand the amusements of today’s youth. It is very hard for today’s parents to control what their children see and do, simply because the modern day media A Brief Guide to Writing from Readings (Subscription) so much more insensitive 7th it was just ten years ago. Short of disallowing all forms of television, radio, and magazines, what can parents do? Perhaps the best solution is to allow the media, to 7th your children to the worse side of life earlier on, so that they can cope with this modern world. Of course, the media is by no means a completely bad thing. Things can be accomplished today in a fraction of the time it would have taken ten years ago. Information and news events can be relayed all around the world in seconds, all because of the media networks. It has come to a stage where parents can no longer decide how they want to raise their children. Society does it for them. How can parents be being irresponsible, if they do not hit and discipline their children because the law says so? Because their children can easily sue them for abuse? If what used to be called discipline can now send a parent to prison, what can be done to stop children from doing whatever they wish to? This is one of the biggest problems with the youth of today. They can do whatever they want, because even if their parents did .

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